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This page was made as part of a semester project, while along with a game project a Press Kit was to be made and delivered.

Link to play online:

Welcome to the B♮ game’s press kit site! Here, you will find all the necessary info for your article or review, as well as contact information and images of in-game moments. Do not hesitate to contact the team for additional information or format requests – we will make it happen!

Fact Sheet

    • Developers: Jaime Monedero March‎, Denis Apetrii, Lina Katrine Zerahn, Malte Mulbjerg Rothgardt, & Marie-Louise Alexius Sørensen.
    • Release Date: 16/1 2019 (Android & iOS)
    • Price: Freemium version/ Pay $2.00 + $5.00 for extra content
    • Availability: Digital Download
    • Language: English
  • Press Contact:


B♮ (or: “Be Natural”, for none-connoisseurs of musical terms) is a lighthearted take on a rhythm-game applying JRPG (Japanese Role Playing Games) fighting mechanics in small battle sequences. The game is developed for smartphones and tablets with touch control, meaning that players can engage in small, fast-paced battles during the day, during breaks or between other menial tasks. The game is packed with colorful and quirky characters and monsters, as well as catchy and exclusive music.

You follow the adventures of band-members Flair, Forza, and Marziale, as they travel the city in hot pursuit of temperamental monster-blowhards and primadonnas causing havoc in the neighborhoods and boroughs. Be the best monster-fighting band in town, rise to fame, and play that funky music!


    • Quirky characters who cannot WAIT to jam with you!
    • Unique monster-designs (with a LOT of personality).
    • Exclusive, catchy music, composed with love and passion.
    • Fast-paced and engaging rhythm games –
    • – That are uniquely tied to JRPG-style battle moves!
  • A simple and cheesy story.


Screen Shots

Music Preview

Rave On, Crazy Diamond

Special thanks to: Mathias Larsen Löfvall (music composer)

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