Yogscast – Moon Quest Christmas Calendar (Fan Work)



How to ‘play’

There are 24 unique characters hidden under windows throughout the map, but only one character is available per day. Hover around with your mouse curser and see if you can find all the Yogs aside from Simon, Lewis and Duncan?




A single fan made side project, where the focus was to create a Christmas-style calendar with windows that would open upon hovering with the mouse, mixed with the “look and find” concept, similar to the ‘Where’s Wally’ books. Originally I intended to include buttons so the windows would stay open or a system to mark out already found characters. However both those ideas were scratched and simplified, and the amount of characters on the map overall minimized due to time restraints.




Day 1: Zombies

Day 2: In the sky

Day 3: Crowded

Day 4: On Fire

Day 5: Flying

Day 6: Almost nothing but water

Day 7: Under tha sea

Day 8: Mineing

Day 9: Forest

Day 10: Tropical

Day 11: Alien

Day 12: Chillin’

Day 13: Many papers

Day 14: Busy base

Day 15: Oh hell

Day 16: Exploive

Day 17: The little farm

Day 18: Melting liquid

Day 19: Bacon

Day 20: Flying through space

Day 21: Forest

Day 22: Is something coocking?

Day 23: Not the exected treasure

Day 24: Dungeon

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